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Hellhound Folk Art

W.D. Harden was born and raised in Georgia. He was educated for a career in agronomy, but by the 1980’s found the laboratory work he was doing to be unsatisfying and unfulfilling.

Inspired by both R.A. Miller and Tubby Brown, interesting, earthy, older folk artists who lived near by, Harden began to paint. When a relative stumbled on to a stack of his work and praised it, he took a risk and began going to fairs and sales. Since then he has been quite successful as a self-taught artist. Harden, a closet musician and traditional blues enthusiast, has been very influenced by the historic bluesman Robert Johnson and his song, “Got a Hellhound on My Trail”. The story of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for being able to be the best musician and play guitar like no other man, stalked the rest of his days by Hellhounds to make sure the Devil collected on the promise, is a biting lesson to beware of bad bargains, and has been a profound influence on Harden in developing his signature character, and he spin off characters in his artistic cosmology.



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Anxiety Totem Atlanta Skyline
Cross Dixie Chicken
Flyin' Hellhound Handle With Care

Helligator Walkin' the Floor

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